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Nigel Griffin - Texturing and Power carving courses.

My name is Nigel Griffin and I have been doing wood turning for the last 35 years but due to work more off than on.

I have done some texturing but when I saw an advert for a 4 week one hour course on Zoom using the Sorby Texturing Tool, I booked it straight away as it was with Chris Parker

a very accomplished wood turner.

While I was on this course, Chris told me about another course he was running using power tools to produce texture.  This was outside my experience so I asked Chris lots of questions and advice. He was amazing and ever willing to set up a zoom link to show me work he had accomplished and cutters I would need to purchase.  I did the first of these classes on Sunday 9th May  from 5 until 7pm . This was using a Proxon Mini Grinder with various carbide cutters. Finally I fitted a 2" diameter cutter with chainsaw teeth around it. I textured the rim of a 13" bowl and  achieved some amazing textured effects. Having thoroughly enjoyed the 1st of these power tool courses I am really looking forward to the next 2 in 2 weeks and 4 weeks time.

If you want to learn texturing you will not find a more knowledgeable tutor who is so willing to explain and demonstrate his vast knowledge.    Nigel Griffin North  Devon