Mid Staffs Woodturners

How did we do? Chris came to our woodturning club in March 2020
  and gave a fantastic demonstration on carving, texturing and colouring
  techniques. He packed in a lot in just 2 hours in a fun, energetic and
  informative way. There was something for all abilities with simple paint
  techniques for beginners and advanced carving techniques for advanced. Thank
  you Chris from everyone at Mid Staffs Woodturners in Rugeley. We all look
  forwards to seeing you again in the future!


Lincs Wold Woodturners

A really good turnout for our first online professional demonstration, it was very satisfying to see old faces again in a club night setting and be able to catch up. It was evident from the beginning that although our audience was not physically present that he would conduct his demo within the same way he would if we were actually there. His workshop now setup for online demos still had all the safety gear with air extraction etc. We were able to interact, ask questions, engage in our usual banter and chat between ourselves, albeit via text chat as during the turning as our microphones were turned off. Chris Parker well known for his texturing and colouring started by explaining his plan for the evening; firstly he would demonstrate the techniques of the Simon Hope and Robert Sorby tools that he uses to add texture and interest to his pieces of work. Firstly he mounted a piece of ash, turned a round bowl shape and proceeded to apply different effects with his spiralling tools to various areas of the work; explained that you would not add all those shown to one piece but that you could mix and match to suit your preference. We then had a short comfort break with most staying glued, not literally, to our screens whilst Chris mounted a second blank which he explained he would turn, texture and colour to a finish. This was a piece of sweet chestnut that was nicely figured on the inside. Once turned to a curved bottom he moved onto a mini angle grinder with a texturing tool and proceeded to carve random deep grooves into the outside. A deep blue spirit stain was then airbrushed to cover the whole area, it was encouraging to see that not everything goes to plan and after a little jiggle and some comments from another Chris it covered well. The high points on the texture were then highlighted by dry brushing black and silver acrylic paint; this really brought out the texture and gave the piece a real depth. The bowl reverse chucked onto a set of Cole jaws to then remove the original chucking point and then show to us as a finished item. All through the demo Chris explained the tools he was using in great detail regarding how they are sharpened and how they should be presented to the work, he showed great care in getting a good finish to the piece, without sanding, and used the correct protective gear when needed. All in a very good night which we hope everyone enjoyed and which we hope will encourage others to join us again for our workshop nights and future exciting demonstration nights that we already have planned. Courtesy of Ian ‘Zak’ Flack. Pictures courtesy of Chris Parker.

Review of IRD on 10th August 2020

Interactive Remote Demonstration Review - Mike Colella

The Word Wide Web is really a remarkable tool.And if there is anything good to come out of the pandemic, it would be the extra time it has allowed some of us to surf, the web that is, although a little ‘hanging ten’ wouldn’t be too bad right now. I recently came across a group of amazing turners called Wood Symphony Artist Society on Facebook. These people do some amazing work. Through there I happened on to artists doing IRD’s and the first one I met was Chris Parker and his son, who provided excellent video assistance. Chris is from the UK and his demo I watched in August took place at 7PM BST (British Summer Time). At first his deep UK accent was a little hard to understand, but you get used to it and begin to easily recognize what he’s referring to. The registration was very simple, cost of the demo was only $10 and lasted a good hour and half, plus another 1/2 hour just hanging out at the end with all 8 addends and Chris sharing work and ideas and more techniques. The best feature of his demo was to have multiple pieces of the same or similar item at different stages of completion. That way he would demo a technique for a few minutes and be able to show us a more completed version, and so on to the finished product. All in all a excellent experience and another connection with people serious about their craft. IRD’s are running all the time, so do check them out to find something you like.


 Chris, I have enjoyed your demos on color and texture! The demos cover each step without getting bogged down with the tedium of watching someone sand a whole piece! I have been able to use the techniques you are teaching with great success! I recommend Chris's IRDs, he is an excellent demonstrator and he takes the time to answer questions!